IB Diploma Program

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is a comprehensive, rigorous program of advanced studies that demands the best from motivated students. IB students study a broad spectrum of subjects and engage in research (Extended Essay) and experiential learning through school, community, and international activities. In the forty years since its founding, the IB Diploma has become a symbol of academic integrity and intellectual promise, recognized by leading universities in the U.S. and throughout the world.

Marietta High School’s IB Diploma Programme, authorized since 1995, aims to provide a balanced education, facilitate geographic mobility, and promote international understanding through a shared academic experience. All our IB Diploma subjects are taught over a two-year period across a wide range of disciplines leading to international examinations for students in grades 11 & 12. Our IB exam results compare favorably to those of other IB World Schools, and our students are widely accepted at competitive universities across America and abroad.
IB Subject Area
11th Grade Courses
12th Grade Courses
Group 1: Language A1 (HL)
IB World Literature I
IB World Literature II
Group 2: Language B (HL & SL)
IB French B III, IV, V
IB Spanish B III, IV, V
IB French B IV, V
IB Spanish B IV, V, VI
Group 3: Individuals/Society (HL)
IB World History I
IB World History II
Group 4: Science (SL)
IB Biology I
IB Chemistry I
IB Biology II
IB Chemistry II
Group 5: Mathematics (HL & SL)
Advanced Algebra
IB Math SL (Accel Adv. Algebra)
IB Math SL (Accel Adv. Algebra)
IB Math Studies SL
AP Calculus AB
IB Math HL w/AP Calculus BC
Group 6: Arts &
Other IB 6th Subjects (HL & SL)
IB Theatre Arts I (HL only)
IB/AP Music Theory
IB Film I (HL)

IB Psychology I
Dual IB Sciences (Bio & Chem)
Dual IB Language B
IB Theatre Arts II (HL only)
IB World Music
IB Film II (HL)

IB Psychology II
Dual IB Science II
Dual IB Language B
Theory of Knowledge
Theory of Knowledge (Spring)
Theory of Knowledge (Fall)

IB DP Announcements

  • IB Student Handbook with overview of IB Diploma and IB Career Programs. Contains info on graduation requirements for Class of 2019, IB prerequisites, sample IB student schedules, honor code, frequently asked questions, acronyms, etc.
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    Come learn about new updates to the IB Programmes at Marietta High School! 
    IB 9th Grade Meeting - Tuesday, August 19, 2015 in MHS Seminar Room at 7:00pm
    IB 10th Grade Meeting - Monday, August 24, 2015 in MHS Seminar Room at 6:00pm (just prior to PTSA Fall Open House)
    IB 11th Grade Meeting - Thursday, September 3, 2015 in MHS Seminar Room at 7:00pm
    IB 12th Grade Meeting - Thursday, September 10, 2015 in MHS Media Center at 7:00pm 
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  • Did you miss the IB Diploma Orientation Meeting?             No text
    Have you considered applying to Marietta High School's International Baccalaureate Diploma Program but missed our IB orientation meeting for rising 9th graders? Would you like to know more about how the MCS Magnet Program, the IB Middle Years Program, the pre-Diploma Program, the IB Diploma Program, and the exciting new IB Career-related Program work together?       

    Here's a link to the orientation presentation. Please contact us if you have further questions.    

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  • Universities of our IB students

    Lists universities in the USA and abroad accepting MHS IB Diploma candidates
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CAS for IB Diploma Candidates

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We are now using Managebac to record and reflect on CAS activities and to communicate with Extended Essay supervisors.
All MHS students pursuing an IB Diploma or an MYP Certificate have ManageBac memberships. Logon using your email address and a password emailed to you directly from ManageBac.


IBackers is the MHS IB parent support group for the MHS IB Diploma and Pre-Diploma programmes. Your $20 per family membership provides rewards and incentives for IB students throughout the four years of the program. If you’d like to join IBackers to support the students in the IB Programs, please complete the IBackers form located in the Resource section of this webpage. Choice of an IB bumper sticker or tote bag is given with IBackers membership. Additional stickers or tote bags may be purchased for $5.00 each.